Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ginger - Havin' Fun in The Snow & With Her Owner

From Art:  
"I followed that dog around till my hands were frozen and she wouldn't let me get a decent picture of her.  The only one that did come out - well, I guess she was trying to tell me something!"

(Apparently, Ginger doesn't like the camera. Notice the tongue out in disgust in the picture in the previous blog as well as this one?!) lol, that's a Gordon for ya! :+)  ~ Karen


  1. Hi Karen,

    Shoot me your email addy and I'll send you an invite for the red setter blogger... I'll also post a note about your blogsite so that folks will have the crosslink...

    I recently judged the Ohio Irish Setter Club trials at Killdeer and we used a very nice Gordon for a 1st in one of the stakes... great bird dog with lots of class and style, bird finder, and a nice way of going... it was a pleasure to watch... I believe the dog was from Iowa, but cannot recall for sure...

    Al Faze

  2. I sent the email, Al. My husband wanted to know if you remember who had the Gordon Setter. He thinks it could have been someone we know.