Sunday, November 8, 2009

Think Twice About Rawhide Chews

Rawhide products are not regulated or inspected by the Food &  Drug Administration. That means we do not know FOR SURE what is in or on these treats. Many rawhide treats are made in other countries that have even fewer regulations than us. Tests have shown that a lot of rawhide carries salmonella bacteria and ever worse, arsenic. Sometimes harsh chemicals like bleach and lye, are used to clean the hair and tissue from the hide. They may leave a residue behind.

Rawhide can swell up and get stuck in the stomach, intestines, or esophagus. Believe it or not, your dog can not digest rawhide. If it irritates the gastrointestinal tract it may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

It's better to give your dog clean, safe, and digestible treats. Wash your hands with soap after handling.


  1. Oh ouch!
    So glad she got to keep her eye.

  2. I'm thinking you mean Emma? Just got it posted on the wrong blog! ha ha Love ya anyway, Tim!

  3. darn computers! Posted to this topic, it never went. Posted to Emma and it posted here. Seems to be working now.

    I had a dog that chewed the knot off a rope tug. Blocked his intestine. $750 later he survived, after they got the knot out by opening him up. Great info Karen. The only rawhide my girls get are the stick "chewies". We keep a close eye on them when they get that treat so they don't swallow the whole stick.

  4. It doesn't take one long to find plenty of stories out there like yours, Tim. It's why we quit buying them.

  5. Haven't bought a rope toy since then.
    Actually sent the knot to the company that made the rope toy, it smelled really nasty, with a note that their warning wasn't visible enough. This was several years ago. Never heard back from them.