Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shooting Streak Ended

I went to a creek bed with Blackie, Jack and Grace yesterday afternoon. The weather had been rain with high winds for several days. Yesterday was beautiful and I was sure every Grouse in the woods would be out for a snack or just hangin' out in the sun. Blackie pointed 3 birds and I got a shot at the first. It launched like a rocket from left to right at a very steep angle, and......I MISSED. I had a streak of 7 in a row going and I knew it wouldn't last. I'm not that good a shot and have an average more like 30% on Grouse. The next streak could be 7 shots, no Grouse!! DWT


  1. At least the dog didn't bite you, I guess he thought it was tough enough to let it go.

  2. Never put much thought into a shooting streak when I hit-em its ok when I don't I blame the dog

  3. That's the way it goes....the poor dog gets blamed for everything!