Monday, October 5, 2009

September Grouse Report

Photo By: Karen Thomason This is Jack. He's pointing a planted pigeon.

This was the hottest September I can remember. Nearly 90 degrees almost every day. Hunting was pretty much early morning and late afternoons. We finished up the month with 129 Ruffed Grouse flushed and 23 in the bag. I shot way better than average with 7 up, 7 down. Happy had a great month. His point on a covey of 10 and the big male I got over him were the highlights of my season, so far. We have had an 11 month old pup here, Jack, for some work. Been taking him out about every other day. A Blackie X JJ male that has all the makings of a fine bird dog . Jack has a very classy point and loves birds. He works at 50 to 75 yards and handles like a dream. We are looking forward to seeing him hunt in the future. The leaves are turning now and it's looking more like fall every day. I'm looking forward to some cooler weather and autumn colors in the woods. DWT

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