Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy & The Stupid Kong With Cheese

Photos By: Karen Thomason

So, no one warned me about using soft, creamy, VELVEETA with the Kong Ball!! Wasn't my best idea. Since Happy couldn't have cared less, I had to get the cheese out of that stupid ball. Happy just stood by, watching to see if I could get the cheese out and where it might land when I did. I poked most of it out onto the counter with a can opener handle, then washed the rest out with hot water. I'm sure, had he been given the opportunity, Happy would have nabbed the cheese as soon as I turned my back, AFTER I got it out of the ball. Lazy Dog! If he thinks he can get me to work for his cheese...............oh......wait. Never mind.


  1. Though I'm sure Happy can manipulte you at will, I found that my older dogs lost interest in their Kong at about 12 1/2 the same age as Happy. Maybe he just doesn't care about toys any more. Just give him the cheese and forget the toy stuff.

  2. I'm sure you're right, Art. He doesn't play with the soft toys much anymore either. To tell you the truth, I think that he's just plain bored and he wants to go hunting. No chew toy of any kind takes the place of hunting. Dan takes 3 Gordons at a time when he hunts, but not all 3 will always get a bird. We have 5 Gordons altogether. And of course he doesn't get out every day. The initial "rush" of opening day has settled down now and I think he's just restless. At 12, I'm happy he still has that energy level, whether he wants to play ball or not! :+) And there's no shortage of cheese snacks here!