Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gordon Setter Owners, Truly Appreicate Their Canine Partners

This is "Weavey" at age 12 and totally blind. In his last days, Michael planted birds for him to enjoy. You can see the bird launcher close by, but Weavey couldn't. He just enjoyed the aroma!

My husband had a Gordon Setter when we met and married 25 years ago. We have had a dozen Gordon Setters since then and have raised a lot of Gordon Setter puppies. I've learned a lot about canine behavior in those 25 years. I've also learned a lot about Gordon Setter owners. They come in all sizes, male and female, all with different back grounds and occupations and personalities. Most hunt, some do not. Some have families, some do not. But there is one thing they all seem to have in common. They truly love and care for their animals and especially their canine friends and companions. They treat them like part of the family. Gordon Setter owners seem to recognize the fearless spirit and intelligence of the breed and truly appreciate it. "Ginger" is a Gordon Setter owned by one of our readers. She had her 15th birthday this week. Art, her owner, wrote that he had planted birds for her to sniff out and enjoy. She found those birds and pointed them. At 15, I'm sure she doesn't hunt much anymore, if any. But Art understands how important it is for Ginger. How much she loves the smell of birds and the excitement she feels when sniffing them. The thrill of the chase. The thrill of the fetch. The thrill of pleasing her human partner. It's all part of who she is. I'm sure for many years she provided Art with hunting stories that he will tell for ever more. Now, she is 15, which is 105 in human years. He is giving her the respect and dignity she deserves in her old age. Making her last days as enjoyable to her, as her first days were to Art. It's no big deal to Art, I'm sure. He's just doing what any Gordon Setter owner would do for their partner and friend. Hats off to Ya, Art!

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  1. If you lived with Ginger you would understand. She was a great dog and we had a wonderful time together. She's having a rough time this week with her arthritis bothering her a lot. I've been giving here Deramaxx and carafate (protects the stomach) but its not working like it did a few months ago. Anyone been at this point and can recommend anything else? Narcotics? Any advise on managing pain in an old dog would be helpful.