Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exercising Your Young Gordon Setter - Body & Mind

Photo By: Karen Thomason

Exercising your puppy or young Gordon Setter is a must. They need physical exercise to stay in shape, just as we humans do. They also need mental stimulation. A walk is great, but young dogs or puppies should not be taken on long walks on hard surfaces, like concrete and pavement. According to Dr. Susan Nelson, a Kansas State Veterinarian and Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences, this applies to puppies younger than 12-15 months old, and especially the larger breeds. Up until that age, puppies bones are still growing and elongating. The prolonged pounding of walking long distances can cause damage to their joints and growing bones. Playing fetch with a ball, stick, or frisbee is great exercise, but don't throw the item so high that the puppy has to jump high to get it. This too will avoid injury to joints and young bones. For mental stimulation, challenge your dog with a treat toy. One of those that the dog has to figure out the puzzle, to get to the treat. Or, teach him something new. Be creative and remember, Gordon Setters are very intelligent. And of course, the best exercise and stimulation combination, is taking your Gordon hunting. It's what they were bred to do and they can't get enough of it. Just ask them!


  1. What a cute picture! Its been a long time since we had a pup in the house but they are so much fun! When I think back on young Ginger and Flash it brings a tear to my eye. They were so cute and a pleasure to have around. Later in life they had such a large vocabulary. They knew the names of their toys, handling commands and many other things concerning their day to day activities with us. They almost seemed human but they were always dogs. Hopefully, in a few months, we will have some new pups to enjoy and a new pack to make part of the family.

  2. Puppies require a great deal of attention and time, but there are lots of little moments of joy and laughter also. Nothing beats puppy kisses and wagging tails and floppy ears! Art, it sounds like you've had a great group of Gordons. People who've loved Gordons, know exactly what you mean.