Monday, August 17, 2009

Wipe Your Paws, Please

In Montana we get a lot of rain and a lot of snow. Any long haired dog who is outside in the snow, is going to gather snow on their tail and in the feathering on the legs. It turns into a snow ball if the temperature is low enough. When it's raining, it's muddy. Around here, we all wipe our feet and paws before tracking all over the house. We teach our dogs to "Kennel", or "go to your bed" when they first enter the house. This way they can dry off and clean up before they are released to run around in the house. It's easy to train them and once they've got it down, it becomes automatic. After a while, you can open the door and your dog will run right to the spot you've taught him to go to, without ever saying a word. Remember, as you are training him to go to a certain place in the house, train him to also "STAY" until YOU release him. It's best to start by using a kennel, if you have one in the house somewhere. This way you can shut the door and your dog has no choice but stay there until you let him out. After he has really gotten into the habit of going straight to the kennel, ( at least a couple of months) try it with the door open. Encourage him to stay. When you release him, be sure to reward him IN HIS SPOT, then release him. You are rewarding him for STAYING, not coming out of the kennel. Some people go a step further and actually teach their dog to wipe his paws. Sure makes my house work easier!
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