Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ultra Light Grouse Guns

Several years ago the gun manufacturers did a terrible thing to grouse hunters..... they gave us what we asked for. We wanted short barreled, light weight guns that started the swing very fast. They produced O/U guns with 24 in. thin walled barrels. Auto loaders with 22 in. barrels, alloy receivers and straight stocks. These guns do swing very fast but they also stop very fast. The short barrels lack the weight to sustain the momentum of the swing. The swing tends to be whippy, and not track in a straight line. The 5 lb. guns do not tame recoil and even light loads can kick like a mule. These guns have been pretty much discontinued because no one could shoot them well. For a good Grouse gun, you are better off with a nicely balanced 6 1/2 lb., 20 ga., or 7lb., 12 ga., with a 26in. barrel.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 31 2:40 PM

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