Monday, August 17, 2009

Loose Dog in a Vehicle....Dumb!

Dan and I were driving home today when we came up on a truck who had 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers in the bed of the truck. They were not tied or secured in any way. Both were moving from side to side and watching the cars go by. All I could think of was, "please don't fall out". I was so afraid we might run over them. That's usually what happens when a dog jumps out of the truck bed. If he's lucky enough to not get hit, there's still a good chance that he'll be beat to pieces from the black top or gravel. It's so easy to put them in a kennel, or make a tie down in the bed of the truck. It could save money, in vet bills, and most of all, save your dog from such a terrible accident. I wish more people would THINK before they put their dog in the bed of a truck, loose, and then proceed to drive 55 mph down the highway.
posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 6 1:07 AM

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