Monday, August 17, 2009

Husband Shot While Bird Hunting

A few years ago, my husband was out bird hunting with a friend of a friend. They were driving the logging roads when they saw a grouse run off the road. They pulled over, let the dog out, and proceeded to hunt the brush. A bird flushed, directly in front of my husband. The so called "friend" raised his gun and shot, with the follow through, directly toward my husband. HE SHOT MY HUSBAND!! If he had been paying attention to WHERE my husband was, he wouldn't have shot him. He was so excited, and raised his gun to shoot, before KNOWING where his hunting partner was. It was a totally irresponsible action. My husband was fairly close to him and caught a pellet in the lip, one in the chest, a couple in the side, and more in his right arm. He lives with most of the 16 pellets he took, still in his body. The doctors say, it causes more damage to take them out, than to leave them. My husband was very lucky that day. He could have been hit in the face, or even worse, been killed. He has since settled a small law suit with the guy. This story is only one in a thousand. People are killed every year because someone acts irresponsible in the field. Please, please, if you are not 100% sure of your target when you aim, DON"T PULL THE TRIGGER! No game of any kind, is worth possibly shooting or killing your hunting buddy. Act responsible, know where your hunting partner is. Know where your Gordon Setter is.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 20 1:17 PM

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