Monday, August 17, 2009

House Breaking Your Gordon Setter - EASY

People say house breaking a puppy is hard. I say it's easy. Here's why. Dogs do not like to "soil" their living space. They don't like to "go" anywhere close to their food or bed. They are very predictable. What goes in, must come approximantly 10 - 20 minutes. So, every time you feed your Gordon puppy, take him outside immediately after he is through. Take him to the same spot each time and say, " go pee". You'll probably have to encourage him, but after a week or so, he'll know exactly what he's suppose to do when you take him to that spot. Use a leash, and when you get to the door, say, "Want to go out?" By saying these things, each and every time, you will teach him what they mean. I have found that training this is especially helpful when traveling. When we make OUR stop, I can tell the Gordons to go as well. Remember that until your puppy is at least 6 months old, they don't have full control of their bladder. You are responsible for getting them outside until they learn how to let you know. Which by the way is, usually they will go stand at the door, or even pace by the door. Keeping a good eye on them, being consistent, and preventing a mess to begin with, is a much better way for you and your Gordon Setter.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 19 6:29 PM

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