Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grouse Hunting - Approaching a Grouse Point - Foot Position

Tom Huggler has an excellent video available on Grouse hunting. (no affiliation) Tom shows his method of walking in on a grouse point that keeps your feet in a position to swing on a bird. A right handed shooter moves the left foot forward then brings the right foot into a good shooting position. Then repeats the same, move the left foot forward, right foot into position. The right foot is never placed ahead of the left. You are always ready for that hard angle shot. Place your right foot in front of the left and Mr. Grouse will flush left to right every time. I believe I've heard a bird or two laugh, as I wrenched my back and landed on my butt trying to swing a 12 ga. in his direction.

posted by Karen Thomason on Aug 8 5:45 PM

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