Monday, August 17, 2009

First Aid in the Field - Be Prepared

There are lot's of new and useful first aid products on the market that are great to carry with you on a hunting trip. Most of these are useful for our dogs, as well as ourselves. Two of my favorites are bandages that stick to themselves, and the spray on, liquid bandages. The spray is great for an injury on your dog like a puncture or tear in the skin. You just spray it on and it seals off the wound. Great temporary fix. EMT Gel, is a product that you put onto a wound and it will stop the bleeding. It is a coagulant. Other items we recommend are Chewable Glucose tablets, for those dogs who may experience hypoglycemia, a drop in blood sugar. Benadryl, is a must. In Montana, there are bees that nest in stumps and in the ground. It is very easy for you or your dog to step into one of these nest. Benedryl will help with swelling and itching, and help counteract an allergic reaction for you or your dog. Just remember that it may make you drowsy. Sting Kill, works good for stopping the itching associated with the bee sting. Aspirin is good to have also, because it is safe for your dog. Baby aspirin is good, because it is a low dose, flavored, and it dissolves quickly. My dogs love it. NEVER, EVER, give your dogs ibuprofen or acetaminophen. All of these items together, take up very little space and could be a real life saver.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jun 28 2:56 PM

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