Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Day ~ Opening of Grouse Season

"Happy" on Beaver Peak Photo By: Karen Thomason

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Opening Day of Grouse Season in Montana. Two of my husbands best friends have arrived. One from California and one from Idaho. Another couple of friends are coming in later in the week. They've been waiting 9 months for this day! The hunting rigs are packed with kennels, water bottles, leashes, collars, food, first aid kits, and all the misc. stuff they take along. They'll load the Gordon Setters and the shot guns in the morning and they'll be off. I know they'll have a great time, they always do. Even when they don't bring in any grouse, they'll still have stories to tell about the Gordons and the great points they had. Watching a Gordon Setter smell a bird, point that bird and ultimately retrieve that bird, it's a beautiful thing. Good luck to you all who will be hunting tomorrow. Please be safe.


  1. We'll be looking forward to the accounts of Opening day action, Karen!

    Happy looks like she's ready!

  2. "Happy" is male, and yes he was ready to go! The guys have had a great morning and have headed out for more. I'll leave the "story telling" to Dan! Check back later this evening or tomorrow for FULL DETAILS!