Monday, August 17, 2009

Aspirin Safe for Gordons in Small Doses

Did you know that dogs can take aspirin, when they need something for pain? ONLY ASPIRIN, NO Tylenol, or Motrin , or other pain relievers. Aspirin is safe for your Gordon, the others aren't. I keep a bottle of Bayer Baby Aspirin just for my Gordons. It's only 81 mg. , just the right amount. If you have an old Gordon, with aches and pains, 1 baby aspirin a day should make him feel less pain. If necessary, you can give him one twice a day (morn, & nite). also, it's better to give an aspirin AFTER hunting, as opposed to Before hunting. It's better your Gordon feels a little of his pain, so he doesn't go crazy and hurt himself. (Like mine would do!) Afterwards, an aspirin will help ease the sore muscles. Baby aspirin are very small, so they are easy to get your Gordon to take. According to my Gordon, "Happy", the Cherry is the best flavor!

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 16 10:07 PM

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