Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Approaching a Grouse Point - Gun Position Important

Peat slammed on a bird and my hunting partner walked in with his gun in the Port Arms position like a soldier. The Grouse flushed and he went through several gyrations to get the gun to his shoulder. By the time the gun was mounted the grouse was long gone. I have seen many hunters approach a point with the muzzle nearly vertical and the gun butt at waist level. They Snap the gun to the shoulder which causes the barrel to move downward [ wrong direction] and by the time the gun butt hits the shoulder the grouse is gone again. Try placing the gun butt barely under the arm pit with the muzzle just below eye level, thumb on the safety and finger on the trigger. When the grouse flushes you start the swing and slide the gunstock to your cheek. When the stock hits your cheek, pull the trigger. A proper swing and follow through will put the shot pattern right where it needs to be.

posted by Karen Thomason on Jul 28 4:28 PM

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