Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 28 Ga. - Check the frame scale

My huntin' partner proudly uncased a beautiful 28 ga. O/U with silver engraved receiver, gold birds inlaid on each side and some pretty fancy wood. He was was anxious to try his new lightweight fowling piece. Wait a minute....lightweight? I own the exact same gun in 20 ga. and he was shocked when I told him my 20 ga. is actually 3 oz. lighter than his 28. This company had placed a set of 28 ga. barrels on a 20 ga. frame. The extra steel required to space the barrels properly added the extra weight. At 6lbs. 13 oz. it was by no means a lightweight gun, especially for a 28.. If you are in the market for a beautiful little grouse buster... the 28. is a wonderful choice. Just make sure it's on a 28 ga. frame. DWT

posted by Karen Thomason on Aug 4 8:46 PM

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