Friday, August 21, 2009


Photo By: Karen Thomason

Ruffed Grouse ~ Probably Female
  1. Your eager Gordon Setter (no brainer!) He IS the one who finds the birds!
  2. Beeper Collars and Fresh Batteries
  3. Your favorite Shot Gun and at least 2 shells........just kidding. I'm sure you will do better than that! Right??
  4. Bright ORANGE vest or hat. I recommend BOTH. And don't forget the reflective collar for your Gordon, as well, With Your PHONE#.
  5. Maps for unknown areas, and a Compass, if you have a small one.
  6. Small, general, First Aid Kit.
  7. Food Snacks & Water for you AND your bird dog. And USE it Guys!
  8. Cell Phone, just in case you need it.
  9. Matches are good for emergency purposes.
  10. Hunting License and PERMISSION to enter Private Property.
  11. And most importantly, don't forget Your Brains, Your Composure, and Your Caution. Please be careful and KNOW what you are shooting BEFORE you pull the trigger. Someone's life may depend on it.

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